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Bulls Head is a neighborhood located in west-central Staten Island, one of the five boroughs of New York City. It is surrounded by New Springville to the south, Bloomfield to the west, Willowbrook to the east, Graniteville to the north, and Westerleigh to the north. The name Bulls Head originated from an 18th-century tavern situated at the intersection of Victory Boulevard and Richmond Avenue.

The neighborhood is primarily residential and is part of Staten Island’s West Shore region. The main commercial street is Victory Boulevard, which is home to various small businesses and restaurants. Bulls Head offers a mix of older homes along with new development, providing a quieter suburban feel while still being close to the amenities of New York City.

Map of Bulls Head, Staten Island

History of Bulls Head

Bulls Head derives its name from an 18th-century tavern situated at the intersection of Victory Boulevard and Richmond Avenue. This tavern, known as the Bull’s Head, was constructed around 1741 and was a notable landmark in the area.

The wider region was initially inhabited by Native American tribes, including the Lenape. In the 17th century, Dutch settlers began to colonize parts of Staten Island, including areas near Fort Wadsworth. By 1667, the island had come under British control.

Bulls Head origins trace back to the American Revolutionary War when the British established headquarters at a tavern known as “The Bull’s Head” in 1776.

The Bull’s Head tavern, built in 1741, stood at the crossroads of the Richmond Turnpike (now Victory Boulevard) and the Old Stone Road (now Richmond Avenue). The neighborhood’s name evolved from its historical association with the British headquarters.

From the late 1800s until the 1960s, Bulls Head was predominantly farmland, with notable establishments like Julius Weissglass’s dairy farm. The landscape shifted post-Verrazano Narrows Bridge (1965), transforming Bulls Head into a new development hub.

Overview of Bulls Head Demographics

Bulls Head has a population of approximately 26,599 residents. The median age in this area is 42.1 years old, and the gender distribution is nearly equal, with males making up 48% of the population and females accounting for 52%.

In terms of racial diversity, Bulls Head is predominantly White, with about 70.3% of residents identifying as such. The next largest racial group is Asians, who constitute 19.4% of the population. Hispanics or Latinos represent around 6.5% of the population, while Black or African Americans make up about 2.0%.

The foreign-born population in Bulls Head accounts for 22.06% of the total population. Approximately 70.04% of residents are U.S. citizens by birth, and 7.9% are non-citizens. Many of these foreign-born residents originate from Asia, including countries such as China, India, and the Philippines.

Households in Bulls Head typically consist of around three members. The majority of housing units are owner-occupied. Compared to New York City as a whole, Bulls Head has a higher proportion of White residents and a smaller Hispanic/Latino population. The area’s median age is also higher than the citywide median. The median household income in Bulls Head is $101,142, indicating a solidly middle-class community.

Real Estate Trends in Bulls Head, Staten Island

The real estate market in Bulls Head, Staten Island, is marked by notable trends. According to data from PropertyShark, as of October 2023, the median sale price in Bulls Head is $814,000, reflecting a 14.1% year-over-year increase. Additionally, Realtor.com reports a median listing home price of $654,400 in October 2023, showing a substantial 10.9% year-over-year uptick. These figures indicate a dynamic and appreciating market in the Bulls Head area.

Education in Bulls Head

Bulls Head is served by several public schools that are part of New York City’s District 31 school district. This district covers all of Staten Island. Key schools in Bulls Head include P.S. 60 for elementary grades and I.S. 72 for intermediate. Most students go on to attend Port Richmond High School.

P.S. 60 Alice Austen is a neighborhood staple, providing education from pre-K through 5th grade. The curriculum focuses on core subjects as well as art, music, and physical education. I.S. 72 Rocco Laurie Intermediate School serves grades 6-8 with various academic programs and electives.

In addition to the standard public schools, there are also some charter school options in Bulls Head. This includes the Hellenic Classical Charter School, offering a humanities-focused curriculum infused with Greek language and culture.

Outside of traditional K-12 education, Bulls Head residents can take advantage of enrichment opportunities like the Korean School of Staten Island for Korean language and culture classes. Adult continuing education is available through the College of Staten Island and other providers.

Overall, families in Bulls Head have access to quality public schools at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. The district also provides support services like busing. Between standard curriculum and specialized charter programs, educational needs are met for neighborhood students.

Decoding the Safety in Bulls Head

Overall, Bulls Head is considered a relatively safe neighborhood in New York City, especially compared to other boroughs. Recent crime data shows Bulls Head has lower rates of violent crimes like murder, rape, and robbery compared to the city average. Property crimes like burglary and theft are also lower than average.

However, no area is completely crime-free. The most common offenses reported in Bulls Head are property crimes, especially car break-ins and thefts from vehicles. Residents are advised to lock cars and remove valuables. Other issues include home burglaries and drug activity. Violent crime is rarer but does occasionally occur.

In terms of violent crime, Bulls Head’s annual rates per 100,000 residents are 2 murders, 14 robberies, and 267 assaults based on recent statistics. For property crime, it averages 74 burglaries and 1,111 thefts per 100,000 people. This compares favorably to other parts of New York City.

Overall, Staten Island has the lowest crime rate out of the five boroughs. Bulls Head mirrors this trend, providing a relatively safe suburban environment. However, basic precautions like home security systems, vigilance about suspicious activity, and reporting crimes can further keep risks low.

Bulls Head is seen as a good option for families compared to other city locales. Its combination of low crime, community engagement, and active police presence contributes to overall public safety. Continued neighborhood watch efforts help maintain Bulls Head’s reputation as a secure place to live.

Attractions Near Bulls Head

Bulls Head is surrounded by a variety of attractions. Willowbrook Park, located in the adjacent neighborhood of Willowbrook, offers recreational facilities including baseball fields, a playground, and a pond. Within Bulls Head itself, you can find Fun Station USA, an interactive entertainment center offering a wide assortment of games. A short drive away in West New Brighton is the Staten Island Zoo, an 8-acre urban zoo open year-round. Nearby, you can also visit Historic Richmond Town, Staten Island’s largest and oldest cultural institution with original historic structures dating back to the 1660s. Lastly, Bulls Head boasts an abundance of shopping and dining options, particularly along Richmond Avenue and Victory Boulevard. While some of these attractions are not located within Bulls Head, they are all relatively close and easily accessible, making Bulls Head a great starting point for exploring Staten Island.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, Bulls Head Staten Island stands as a vibrant neighborhood with a rich tapestry of history, diverse architecture, and an array of real estate opportunities. Whether you’re captivated by its historical roots, exploring the real estate market, or seeking the perfect home, Bulls Head offers a unique blend of experiences on Staten Island’s West Shore. So, dive into the heart of Bulls Head and discover the charm and character that make this neighborhood a distinctive and appealing part of New York City.

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