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Castleton Corners, Staten Island: History, Culture, & Lifestyle

Castleton Corners, also known as Four Corners, is an upscale neighborhood located on Staten Island, one of the five boroughs of New York City. This charming neighborhood is situated with Westerleigh to the west, West Brighton to the east, Port Richmond to the north, and Todt Hill/Emerson Hill to the south and southeast. It’s a residential area that offers a dense suburban atmosphere, and many residents own their homes.

Castleton Corners, Staten Island Map

History of Castleton Corners

Castleton Corners neighborhood has a rich and fascinating history that dates back to the colonial era. The name “Castleton” is derived from Cassiltowne, County Kildare, Ireland, the birthplace of Thomas Dongan, the colonial governor of the Province of New York. The area was initially known as Centerville but gained popularity as Castleton Corners when a post office by that name was established there in 1872.

The neighborhood is characterized by its historic residences, many of which were built no later than 1939, and some even earlier. A significant number of residences were also constructed between 1940 and 1969. Interestingly, the area was largely developed by the time the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge opened in 1964. Unlike most other neighborhoods on the island, Castleton Corners remained relatively unaffected by the population surge following the bridge’s opening.

Historic Landmarks and Sites

Castleton Corners has several historic landmarks and sites that reflect its past and present. Some of them are:

  • The Dongan Manor House: This is a two-story stone house that was built around 1710 by Thomas Dongan’s nephew Walter Dongan. It is one of the oldest surviving structures on Staten Island and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is located at 100 St. James Place.
  • The Reformed Church of Staten Island: This is a historic church that was founded in 1698 by Dutch settlers. It is also known as the Old North Church or the Old Stone Church. It is located at 54 Port Richmond Avenue.
  • The Staten Island Historical Society: This is a museum and library that preserves and interprets the history and culture of Staten Island. It is located at 441 Clarke Avenue. It operates several historic buildings and sites on its grounds, such as:
    • The Billiou-Stillwell-Perine House: This is a stone house that was built around 1662 by Pierre Billiou, a French Huguenot settler. It is the oldest standing building on Staten Island and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
    • The Voorlezer’s House: This is a wood-frame house that was built around 1695 by Hendrick Kroesen, a Dutch settler. It is considered to be the oldest elementary school building in America and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
    • The Bennett House: This is a wood-frame house that was built around 1840 by John Bennett, an Irish immigrant. It is an example of Greek Revival architecture and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Culture and Lifestyle of Castleton Corners

Castleton Corners is a neighborhood that prides itself on welcoming neighbors who become friends, and being a place where friends become family. It has a diverse and sophisticated population that enjoys outings to the theatre, weekend boutique-ing, or even a finely aged wine with dinner. The neighborhood is uniquely immersed with more “urban sophisticates” than 96.2% of neighborhoods across the country. They are an exclusive community characterized by refined tastes, cultural inclinations, and the means to live well.

The neighborhood also has a strong sense of community and tradition. It is home to two churches that stand across from one another on its western ridge – a Moravian church (Castleton Hill Moravian Church) on one side of Victory Boulevard and a Roman Catholic church (St. Teresa’s) on the other. Both churches have been serving the neighborhood for decades and host various events and activities throughout the year.

Shopping and Dining

Castleton Corners has a lively commercial district that offers a variety of shops, restaurants, bars, and services. The corner of Victory Boulevard and Manor Road is the core of this district, although its prominence has declined somewhat in recent decades due to the opening of the Staten Island Mall in 1973. However, you can still find some local gems here, such as:

  • Castleton Corners Pub: This is an establishment that has been serving drinks and food since 2011 in a great atmosphere where quality service is the standard. It is located at 1815 Victory Boulevard.
  • The Cake Chef: This is a bakery that has been making delicious cakes, cookies, pies, and other treats since 1975. It is located at 957 Jewett Avenue.
  • The Manor House: This is a restaurant that serves American cuisine with a touch of Italian flair. It is located at 917 Manor Road.

Entertainment and Recreation

Castleton Corners has plenty of options for entertainment and recreation, both within and outside the neighborhood. Some of them are:

  • Clove Lakes Park: This is a 198-acre park that features a lake, a pond, a brook, trails, playgrounds, sports fields, and a historic house. It is located on the eastern edge of the neighborhood. It is a popular place for fishing, boating, hiking, biking, picnicking, and birdwatching. It also hosts concerts, festivals, and other events throughout the year.
  • Staten Island Zoo: This is a zoo that houses over 1,100 animals from around the world. It is located at 614 Broadway. It is open every day of the year and offers educational programs, animal encounters, and special events.
  • St. George Theatre: This is a historic theatre that was built in 1929 and restored in 2004. It is located at 35 Hyatt Street. It hosts concerts, comedy shows, musicals, ballets, and other performances.
  • Snug Harbor Cultural Center & Botanical Garden: This is a cultural center and botanical garden that occupies a former sailors’ retirement home. It is located at 1000 Richmond Terrace. It features several museums, galleries, gardens, theaters, and educational facilities.

Transportation and Accessibility of Castleton Corners

Castleton Corners is a walkable neighborhood that can help increase property values for the simple reason that people enjoy it and value it. To put it plainly, despite our love affair with the automobile, American’s enjoy taking to the streets, sidewalks, paths, and courtyards of a place to get a coffee, relax, and take in the sights and sounds.

The neighborhood is also well-served by public transportation. More people ride the bus in this neighborhood each day to get to work than 99.1% of U.S. neighborhoods. Castleton Corners is served by the S54, S61, S62, S66, S91, S92 and S93 local bus routes, and the SIM3, SIM31, SIM32, SIM33 and SIM34 express bus routes. The former S67 route through Castleton Corners was discontinued in 2010 due to low ridership. The neighborhood is also close to major highways such as Interstate 278 (Staten Island Expressway) and Route 440 (West Shore Expressway), which provide access to other parts of Staten Island, Brooklyn, New Jersey, and beyond.

Commuting Options

Castleton Corners offers several commuting options for residents who work in Manhattan or other boroughs. Some of them are:

  • Bus to Ferry: One can take any of the local or express buses that stop at St. George Ferry Terminal, which connects to the free Staten Island Ferry that runs every 15 to 30 minutes to Whitehall Terminal in Lower Manhattan. The ferry ride takes about 25 minutes and offers scenic views of New York Harbor, the Statue of Liberty, and the Manhattan skyline.
  • Bus to Subway: One can take any of the local or express buses that stop at Bay Ridge-95th Street Station in Brooklyn, which connects to the R subway line that runs through Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens. The subway ride takes about an hour to Midtown Manhattan.
  • Car: One can drive across the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge to Brooklyn or across the Goethals Bridge or Outerbridge Crossing to New Jersey. However, this option may involve tolls, traffic congestion, and parking difficulties.


Q.: What is the origin of the neighborhood’s name?

A.: The name “Castleton Corners” refers to the intersection of Victory Boulevard and Manor Road, which forms the core of the neighborhood. It was once known as Centerville but became popularly known as Castleton Corners when a post office with that name opened in 1872. “Castleton” is derived from Cassiltowne, County Kildare, Ireland, the birthplace of Thomas Dongan, the colonial governor of the Province of New York.

Q.: What landmarks and attractions can be found in Castleton Corners?

A.: Castleton Corners is known for Castleton Hill, a prominent ridge noted for the two churches located on its western ridge. These include the Castleton Hill Moravian Church and St. Teresa’s, a Roman Catholic church. The neighborhood is also home to the Staten Island Armory of the New York Army National Guard, and it is surrounded by West Brighton, Westerleigh, Meiers Corners, and Todt Hill.

Q.: What is the significance of the intersection of Victory Boulevard and Manor Road?

A.: The corner of Victory Boulevard and Manor Road has historically been the center of an important commercial district in Castleton Corners. While its prominence has somewhat declined in recent decades due to the opening of the Staten Island Mall in 1973, it remains a central hub of activity in the neighborhood.

Q.: What are the educational institutions in Castleton Corners?

A.: Castleton Corners is served by P.S. 29, a local public school, and St. Teresa’s School. These educational institutions cater to the learning needs of the neighborhood’s residents.

Q.: How does Castleton Corners rank in terms of safety and diversity?

A.: In terms of crime and safety, Castleton Corners has a moderate rating. The neighborhood’s crime rates are relatively typical for an urban area. In terms of diversity, it is considered above average, with a mix of residents from various ethnic and economic backgrounds.


Castleton Corners, Staten Island, is a neighborhood that has a lot to offer to its residents and visitors. It has a rich history, a diverse culture, and a vibrant community. Whether you are looking for a place to live, work, or play, you will find something that suits your needs and interests in this area. You can enjoy the scenic views of the Staten Island Greenbelt, explore the historic landmarks and museums, or indulge in the local cuisine and shopping. Castleton Corners is a place where you can experience the best of both worlds: the charm of a small town and the convenience of a big city. If you are looking for a neighborhood that has it all, look no further than Castleton Corners, Staten Island.

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