Maker Park in Staten Island

Maker Park: Staten Island’s Creative Outdoor Hub

Maker Park
450 Front Street
Staten Island, NY 10304

Have you ever wondered where creativity meets community on Staten Island? Maker Park is a unique sculpture garden that showcases public art by local artists using a variety of materials. This outdoor space not only introduces new art exhibits annually but also hosts community events and workshops, making it a dynamic hub for creativity.

In 2013, a vacant lot on Front Street was transformed into what we now know as Maker Park. Created by the founders of MakerSpace NYC, DB Lampman, and Scott Van Campen, this area was once filled with abandoned vehicles, trash, and debris. With the help of many community partners, Maker Park is now a vibrant venue for public events and art installations. Visitors can explore the sculpture garden daily, participate in community events, and enjoy outdoor classes. It’s an excellent spot for a mini picnic or just to relax, offering a refreshing break from the local restaurants and shops. The view of the harbor and the breeze off the water add to the park’s charm.

Maker Park’s origins trace back to Staten Island MakerSpace, a non-profit community workspace open to anyone interested in making something. Maker Park has expanded to offer workshops and creative spaces since its humble beginnings. This multifaceted space also serves as an event venue, hosting local music events and table sales for vendors. It has become a cherished part of the community, welcoming residents and visitors alike.

Maker Park is more than just a place to see art; it’s a place to be part of a creative community. Whether you’re an artist, a visitor, or someone looking to enjoy a peaceful afternoon, Maker Park offers something for everyone. Come and experience the artistic heartbeat of Staten Island.

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