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Living in Shore Acres: Comfort and Convenience in Staten Island

Welcome to Staten Island, a quieter part of New York City known for its spacious parks and family-friendly atmosphere. In this borough, you’ll find Shore Acres, a small neighborhood located along Upper New York Bay. It’s framed by Bay Street on the west and the bay to the east, with Nautilus Street to the north and Arthur Von Briesen Park to the south. Shore Acres offers a calm environment with beautiful views, making it a pleasant place to live or visit.

Historical Background of Shore Acres

Shore Acres began its transformation in the 1930s when Cornelius G. Kolff, a significant real estate developer and once President of the Staten Island Chamber of Commerce, constructed an enclave of upscale homes in the area. This early development laid the groundwork for the neighborhood’s identity. After these homes were established, the area itself started to be known as Shore Acres. This change marked the beginning of Shore Acres’ journey from a simple geographic designation to a well-defined neighborhood with a unique character, influenced by the visions of prominent figures like Kolff.


Shore Acres is home to a diverse population of 44,531 residents, with a median age of 41.1 years. The demographic split is nearly even, with 49.48% males and 50.52% females. The community comprises predominantly U.S.-born citizens, who account for 59.32% of the population, while non-U.S.-born citizens make up 29.66%. Additionally, non-citizens represent 11.02% of the local population, reflecting the neighborhood’s multicultural makeup. This diversity contributes to the unique community vibe and cultural richness of Shore Acres.

Lifestyle in Shore Acres

Living in Shore Acres provides a unique blend of urban and suburban elements, creating a lifestyle that appeals to a variety of residents, especially young professionals. Most people in the neighborhood own their homes, contributing to the area’s stable and close-knit community feel. Shore Acres is well-equipped with amenities such as restaurants, coffee shops, and well-maintained parks, adding convenience and leisure to daily life. The political leanings here tend toward the liberal, reflecting the progressive attitudes of its residents. A distinctive feature of the area is its secluded atmosphere, greatly enhanced by the abundance of shade trees that line the streets and fill the parks, offering a quiet, leafy retreat from the faster pace of city life.


Shore Acres is served by public schools that are recognized for their above-average educational offerings. The neighborhood’s commitment to education is reflected in its residents’ educational attainment: approximately 35.63% of the population holds a high school diploma. Furthermore, 17.07% have completed vocational or college certificate programs, and 19.72% have obtained a bachelor’s degree. This emphasis on education contributes to the well-rounded community atmosphere prevalent in Shore Acres.

Here’s a list of public schools zoned for Shore Acres:

Elementary Schools:

  • P.S. 13 M.L. Lindemeyer (PK-5)
  • P.S. 39 Francis J. Murphy Jr. (KG-5)
  • P.S. 46 Albert V. Maniscalco (PK-5)
  • P.S. 52 John C. Thompson (PK-5)
  • Staten Island Hebrew Public Charter School (KG-1)

Middle Schools:

  • I.S. 24 Myra S. Barnes (6-8)
  • I.S. 27 Anning S. Prall (6-8)
  • I.S. 49 Berta A. Dreyfus (6-8)
  • PS 48 William G. Wilcox (PK-8)

High Schools:

  • Concord High School (9-12)
  • CSI High School for International Studies (9-12)

Parks and Recreation in Shore Acres

Shore Acres is surrounded by several parks that provide a variety of activities suitable for relaxation and leisure.

  • Arthur Von Briesen Park: Positioned at the southern boundary of Shore Acres, this park offers impressive views of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge and New York Harbor. It’s a popular location for picnics, walking, and bird watching, providing a quiet space for residents to unwind.
  • Fort Wadsworth: Although located just outside Shore Acres to the south, Fort Wadsworth is one of the nation’s oldest military installations. The fort is a prime spot for those interested in history or looking for extensive views of the Upper New York Bay.
  • Alice Austen House Museum and Park: In the nearby Rosebank area, this park offers a blend of historical and recreational offerings. It hosts the Alice Austen House Museum, dedicated to the pioneering American photographer, and provides ample green space for visitors.
  • South Beach Boardwalk and Franklin D. Roosevelt Boardwalk: These attractions, close to Shore Acres, feature long stretches alongside the Atlantic Ocean and Lower New York Bay. They are equipped with playgrounds, fountains, and a skate park, making them ideal for a variety of outdoor activities.

These areas contribute significantly to the quality of life in Shore Acres, offering accessible and enjoyable outdoor spaces for the community.

Real Estate

The real estate market in Shore Acres is notable for its robust pricing and variety of housing options. The median price for homes in this neighborhood stands at $688,041, placing it above 56.0% of other neighborhoods in New York and 81.9% of neighborhoods across the U.S. This reflects the area’s desirability and the quality of living it offers. Rental properties are also in demand, with the average rent currently at $3,271.

The housing stock in Shore Acres mostly consists of well-maintained homes that are established but not old. Most of these residences were constructed between 1970 and 1999, providing modern amenities with enduring designs. Additionally, a significant portion of homes dates back to between 1940 and 1969, adding a touch of historical character to the neighborhood. This range of properties caters to various preferences, ensuring that both families and professionals can find suitable housing options in Shore Acres.

Transportation in Shore Acres

Transportation options in Shore Acres are primarily served by two bus routes, the S51 and S81, which travel along Bay Street towards St. George Terminal. For many residents, the preferred methods of commuting include driving, taking the bus or trolley bus, and walking. Despite these available options, the community faces longer commute times compared to many other American neighborhoods. Notably, 22.5% of Shore Acres commuters spend over an hour traveling one-way to their workplaces, accumulating to more than two hours daily. This extended travel time highlights a significant aspect of daily life for those living in Shore Acres.


Shore Acres in Staten Island presents a blend of quiet suburban life with the convenience of urban access. The neighborhood’s historical roots, combined with its picturesque parks and strong community feel, make it a desirable place to live. With homes ranging from modern to those with a bit of historical charm, and a median home price higher than in other areas in New York, Shore Acres appeals to a diverse group of people. While the commute might be longer compared to other neighborhoods, the available transportation options help ease this burden.

If you’re thinking about moving to Shore Acres or just want to learn more, visiting the area can provide a deeper understanding of what makes it special. Feel free to share your own experiences or ask questions about Shore Acres in the comments below. Your insights are valuable to us and can help potential residents get a real feel for the neighborhood.

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  1. I’ve been living in Shore Acres for about three years now and can confirm the commute is a bit of a challenge. However, the community feel and the local amenities make it worthwhile. It’s a great place if you value a slower-paced lifestyle.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience, James. It’s great to hear from residents who appreciate the unique lifestyle that Shore Acres offers despite the longer commutes. Any tips for new residents on how to best navigate the transportation options?

  2. Thanks for this insightful article! I recently visited Shore Acres and was really taken by the quiet streets and friendly vibe. The parks are definitely a highlight—Arthur Von Briesen Park has such amazing views! Anyone else think this could be a hidden gem for photographers?

    1. Absolutely, Mia! Shore Acres definitely has spots that are a photographer’s dream, especially with those stunning views of the bridge and harbor. If you have any pictures from your visit, we’d love to see them!

  3. Really considering a move to Staten Island and Shore Acres seems like it has a lot to offer. I appreciate the detailed breakdown of real estate prices and school information. Can anyone comment on how the elementary schools are for kids?

    1. Hi Ellie, it’s wonderful that you are considering Shore Acres for your family. The schools in the area, especially the elementary schools, are known for their supportive environments and strong community involvement. If you have specific questions or need more detailed information, the local school websites and parent forums can be really helpful!

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