Heartland Village, Staten Island

Heartland Village: A Blend of Urban and Suburban Living

Heartland Village is a residential area located in the central part of Staten Island. While not officially recognized as a distinct neighborhood, it is often seen as part of the New Springville neighborhood. The streets bordered by Richmond Avenue, Forest Hill Road, Richmond Hill Road, and Rockland Avenue are commonly regarded as the heart of Heartland Village. The term “Heartland Village” typically encompasses the nearby vicinity, too. Although it’s technically within the New Springville neighborhood, it’s occasionally viewed as its own distinct area.

Heartland Village’s convenient location near the Staten Island Mall and other smaller shopping centers has contributed to its popularity as a residential community. The area is known for its suburban atmosphere and is a desirable place to live. The region has grown to become the island’s second-largest commercial and administrative hub.

History of Heartland Village

Heartland Village was named after a housing development project that began in the late 1960s. At that time, the area was rural and covered in woods and empty fields. The housing development initiative led to the creation of new homes for single and two-family units, transforming the previously open fields into residential spaces. These ranch-style and semi-attached houses continue to be a prominent feature of Heartland Village. The transformation of the area from farmland to a residential community represents the evolution of Heartland Village.


Heartland Village offers a range of housing options for both homebuyers and those seeking to rent. Potential homebuyers can choose from a variety of homes, including condos, townhouses, and single-family houses. Prices for these homes range from around $235,000 to $695,000, with a median listing price of around $450,000. The size of these homes can vary from compact 300 square foot homes to spacious options over 1,700 square feet, with most homes having between 1 and 3 bedrooms and 1 to 2.5 bathrooms.

For those seeking to rent, Heartland Village offers a range of options with rental rates ranging from as low as $1,127 to as much as $2,322 per month. Studio apartments are typically priced around $1,127 per month, while one-bedroom apartments are priced around $1,573 per month, two-bedroom apartments around $1,876 per month, and three-bedroom apartments around $2,322 per month. Heartland Village is conveniently located about a mile south of CUNY College, making it a great option for students.

Whether you are looking to buy or rent, Heartland Village offers a range of options to suit different needs and budgets.

Demographics in Heartland Village

Heartland Village is home to a diverse population of 24,911 residents. The gender balance in the community is relatively even, with 48% of the population being male and 52% being female. The median age of the residents is 42.1 years. The area is home to both US-born citizens, who make up 70.04% of the population, and non-US-born citizens, who account for 22.06%. Non-citizens represent 7.9% of the population.

The average annual household income in Heartland Village is $116,963, and the median household income is $94,578 per year. The working population is predominantly made up of white-collar workers, who account for 85.01%, while blue-collar employees make up 14.99%. The neighborhood consists of 31,761 households, with an average of 3 members per household. Family establishments represent 74.37% of these households, while non-family units account for the remaining 25.63%.

Educational Institutions

Heartland Village offers a range of educational options for residents, including both public and private schools. The following is a list of some schools in the area:

Whether you are looking for a public or private education, Heartland Village has options for everyone, making it an attractive location for families with children.


Navigating around Heartland Village is typically convenient, given its central location within Staten Island. Many residents in the neighborhood rely on cars for transportation. Key roads in the vicinity include Richmond Avenue, Forest Hill Road, and Rockland Avenue. Richmond Avenue conveniently connects to I-278 within a short drive.

Several bus routes operate along Richmond Avenue, such as the S44 and S94 heading to St. George or Tottenville, the S59 going to Port Richmond or Hylan Boulevard, and the S89 traveling to Bayonne. The S89 notably is the sole bus route in Staten Island reaching New Jersey. For commuters heading north to Manhattan, express buses like SIM4, SIM4c, and SIM8 run along Richmond Avenue. Additionally, the S61 and S91 routes, serving the St. George Ferry or Staten Island Mall, can be accessed via Marymount and Travis Avenues. Moreover, the SIM31 route is accessible from Rockland Avenue.

Dining in Heartland Village

Dining in Heartland Village has a casual, neighborhood vibe and there are a variety of options to choose from. While you won’t find any high-end restaurants, you will come across familiar places like pizzerias serving budget-friendly slices, delis offering American comfort food, and restaurants serving classic Chinese and Thai dishes. Whether you are looking for a quick bite to eat or a casual meal to catch up with friends, Heartland Village has something to satisfy your appetite.

Parks and Outdoor Activities

Heartland Village is surrounded by various parks, including Latourette Park, Freshkills Park, and Willowbrook Park. These parks provide residents with plenty of options for outdoor activities and relaxation.

Willowbrook Park covers 164 acres and offers baseball fields, a playground, and a pond. It also has tennis courts, ball fields, hiking trails, and an archery range. One highlight is the Carousel for All Children, a merry-go-round accessible to everyone, featuring 51 hand-carved wooden animals circling panels depicting scenes from Staten Island. With its lake, butterfly garden, and ample space for picnics, sports, and leisurely strolls, it’s a large park catering to various outdoor activities.

In addition to Willowbrook Park, Heartland Village hosts various green spaces, playgrounds, and sports fields, ensuring residents have plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities. For nature enthusiasts, the nearby Greenbelt Nature Center offers educational programs like hiking, birdwatching, and wildlife observation.


To wrap up, Heartland Village is a lively and diverse neighborhood that provides a wide array of housing options for both buyers and renters. With various homes for sale and rental properties, it accommodates different lifestyles and budgets. The neighborhood also boasts numerous dining spots, offering a relaxed, local vibe with diverse cuisines. Additionally, it offers plenty of amenities like parks, playgrounds, and sports fields, making it perfect for families and individuals alike. Whether you are in the market for a new home, seeking a rental, or simply craving a good meal, Heartland Village has something for everyone.

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